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For the very first installment of Tea and Conversation we sat down with musical artists the Hooch. This up and coming group is comprised of 2 gentleman, Jemar Phoenix (vocals,guitar) and Mike D (vocals,percussion).

Thanks for sitting down with us guys.Tell me a little bit more about how your group got started ?

M.D.-"We met in 2014 down at Stella Blues bar and were introduced by a mutual friend. In the beginning we were just meeting to write lyrics, but things took off from there".

J.P.-" We started off playing open mic gigs. Our first official gig I would say was at Stella Blues".

How would you describe your musical style?

M.D.-"Hip-Hop and pop with a little soul".

J.P.-" Like the soundtrack to Hateful 8".

When did you develop a love for music?

M.D.-"When I heard the song Baby Driver and a song called Stone Cold Buggin (off the Album Stone Cold Buggin). I fell in love with music after that. My father listened to The Beatles, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, etc.. so I was pretty much thrown into the blues era".

J.P."- My mother used to play Latin music in the house growing up. I used to write poetry in middle school and was approached by one of my classmates to be a rapper. I gravitated to singing after Boyz 2 Men came out. I began singing in my grandmothers' basement, bought my first guitar from a local music store and never looked back!".

How can people access your services?

J.P.-" Ultimately the best way to reach us would be via our website www.thehoochmusic.com . Also through our social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook,twitter, and YouTube). All of the links to our social media can be found on our website.

Who has been the biggest influence in your personal life?

J.P.-" There have been a bunch of key people that influenced me. My influence was more of a group perspective. Everyone of significance has helped mold me at different parts of my life".

M.D.-" My dad. Most of my musical taste comes from him".

And lastly, what is the most important life lesson that you've learned thus far?

M.D.-" The only way to get anywhere is to try. A lot of people say they never accomplish things but the only people that reach their goals are people that try! And if you put the work in you will appreciate it more.Anything gained without discipline is treated without respect!".

J.P.-" You can do anything you want in life if you think about it. No matter what there is, there was someone to do it first. Which means that every human being on the planet has the capacity to do something great. And never give up no matter what! There is something to be said about being able to motivate yourself!".

Special thanks again to the Hooch for the conversation! Check out their website for more information on them,as well as upcoming performances!

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