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Good Vibes Great Tea is a company that was started by two friends, Alex Smith and Shayne  McFee, with one vision. Our vision is to provide our customers with the highest quality organic products. Whether it be tea, coffee, herbs or spices, our goal is to amaze our consumers with our products. Our consumers are more than just numbers. Each and every person shall be handled with the utmost care and respect . Customer satisfaction is key!

Alexander Smith

I was born in West Virginia and was raised in Connecticut. I grew up with 2 brothers and 2 sisters guided by our loving parents! Throughout the years I have learned many lessons by watching my parents and siblings. One of the most important things that I still hold close to my heart is a phrase from my mother said: "take things one day at a time". This has helped me time and time again in dealing with everyday life. Unfortunately, my mother passed away due to cancer in 2010. As much as it hurts not to have her here, I can continue to carry her teachings with me. Life is too short not to be happy, life is too short not to tell your loved ones that they are appreciated. And above all, life is too short to get upset! 

Shayne McFee

I'm born and raised in Connecticut. The last child out of 5 boys. I had a very humble up bringing from hand me down clothes to fights with my brothers. Good or bad I learned a lot from them. The things I learn and instill in me when I was growing up, I live today. First, Always learn from other people mistake. Second, Appreciate the small things that life gives you it just as important as the big things. Third, Always be humble of the things you got because there are always somebody else who is less fortunate than you. Lastly, positive vibes only, I like to live by that mindset. Don't put your time and energy into negative people or things.

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